Discover Exploding Search Trends after COVID-19 by domain

Discovering what’s in demand now is crucial for businesses. After introducing Exploding and Tanking keywords and topics in our Search Trends after COVID-19 tool, we’re releasing a feature that allows SEO agencies to search by domain.

This means you’ll be able to explore all the exploding and tanking search trends narrowed down to the keywords on which the inserted domain ranks for. This way you can understand the new demand in a certain industry and go as narrow as you need to for your clients.

You can use it to adjust your SEO strategies for your clients and even help them use these insights to adapt or pivot their products or services.

Next week, we’ll launch Exploding and Tanking domains so you’ll see which niches are growing and which are decreasing based on search trends, not rankings. You’ll be able to use them to redefine your client profile when looking for new business.

You can also read more about why we’re constantly optimizing this tool and ways to use Search Trends after COVID-19 in our Library.

30 Apr 2020