New in SEOmonitor: Data Studio connectors for your SEO forecasts and campaigns

Tracking your SEO agency KPIs in one place and building custom dashboards can help your team make business decisions faster. And in today’s uncertainty, it is even more important to have real-time data, to know your clients’ status at all times, while constantly communicating it.

That’s why we’re launching a suite of Data Studio connectors: to make it easier for you to bring all the important SEOmonitor data in one place, as some of you asked us along the way. You’ll be able to leverage Data Studio’s flexibility with our SEO data on Forecasting, Campaigns, Organic Traffic and Competition:


These connectors allow you to integrate SEOmonitor’s campaign-level metrics, like Visibility, non-brand organic traffic, objective status and more, by aggregating them at a client portfolio level. And they can help show your SEO performance in a compelling visual way.

You can even design persuasive SEO proposals for a potential agency client, pulling our forecasting data and other relevant metrics.

According to your needs, you can use a specific connector, or combine them with other data sources that your agency uses.

To get you started, we’ve also developed a Forecast template (ready to edit) and another one for Organic Traffic is in the works.

Read more on how you can pull the data in our Help section.
And if you want to explore more on why developing an operational dashboard for your SEO agency helps you unlock growth, read our SEJ article on the subject.

11 Aug 2020