Organic Traffic

Discover our solution to the (not provided) and get to measure
the real non-brand organic traffic for a client. We’ll segment it all accurately.
So you know what’s the traffic you can directly impact with your SEO efforts.

Google Analytics

The traffic data you need across your client portfolio — pulled efficiently via API.

Google Search Console

All the keyword data tracked in your Search Console, pulled and powerfully matched in our platform.

All in one. Magically connected.

The keywords from the Search Console and the traffic associated to their landing pages in Analytics — combined to provide the not provided.

Uncover your Keyword and Landing Page details

Segment your Organic Traffic

Look at your keyword data in the best way that makes sense for your next campaign. Custom each keyword segment by brand segmentation, landing page, not tracked, blog etc.

Compare data across timeframes

Look at your non-brand keywords and their main attributes in custom comparisons: from month to month, year to year, other personalized timeframes etc. Thoroughly research what to include in your tracking.

Correlate Visibility, Search Trends and Non-brand Organic Traffic

Measure your SEO objectives, once set

We enable SEO objectives and tracking. Once you set your objective with the Forecasting module’s support, you get to track your progress against it. See if non-brand organic traffic variations are due to your SEO performance or search trends. Know how your SEO strategy fares!