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Accurate daily ranks

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Error-proof systems

To ensure our data is reliable & relevant.

A Visibility metric like no other

  • What is Visibility?

    An accurate overview of a keywords group’s performance in Google — in one strong metric. No variable left behind.

  • Get it at every level

    Birds-eye view or granular pinpoint. Check your Visibility trend where you most need it — client portfolio, campaign, group or keyword.

  • One reliable metric. Every single time.

    Our intricate systems make sure there are no duplicates, errors or misleading changes. You report one Visibility metric. Consistent in time.

“SEOmonitor is one of the most reliable and cost-effective daily rank tracking tools out there! And a huge asset in our arsenal of tools.”

Dan Butler, Performance Director

The keyword details that matter

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Smart labels

We automatically identify all your competitors, you choose the ones you need. For the sake of efficiency.

Not all keyword groups were created equal. Get an instant match of the right competitors and the right groups.

Smart filters & keyword grouping

What’s the opportunity for that landing page?

Know what’s the performance of a landing page, based on its keywords’ Visibility trend — desktop and mobile. With some added quirks for your SEO decisions.

The Opportunity score

More powerful features

Dynamic Pricing

Pay only for what you use

Unlimited API access

Unlimited users. Archive data. Retrieve and use your data as you see fit.

Historical Data Migration

Bring your data from any other rank tracker. Efortless and free.

Every location.

Choose a city, region, country or go global. We’ve got you covered.