SEO Forecasting

Your proposed SEO performance. The client’s business outcomes.
Directly connected.

A valid data model

We take into account all the important variables. Sophisticated for the sake of reliablity.

Fully transparent

Check every calculation in our data model. Show your clients how rank improvements connect to sessions and conversions.

Pitch-ready scenarios

Create compelling SEO proposals with our Forecasting & Google Slides integration.

Smooth start: Select keyword groups & set your SEO target

Choose your targeted keywords and desired ranks — and let us do the math. You’ll understand how each key metric changes for your campaign scenarios. With a few easy clicks.

Everything connects. Consistently.

Discover potential outcomes with a full set of data! We take into account the key factors impacting your keywords to model your non-brand organic traffic performance:

SEO performance to business results

Understand how potential improvements drive additional traffic and conversions. Define your SEO proposal accordingly.

How we define the key factors influencing your target keywords

Non-brand organic traffic

Not all organic traffic is SEO traffic. Calculate only the one that matters.


We adjust search volumes based on their YoY trend — for a relevant overview.


Know the monthly searches of every targeted keyword. Plan efficiently.

Device segmentation

Different search volumes based on device will yield different results. Understand which is which.

Past conversion rate

We define additional conversions based on past keyword performance. You’ll get to show the difference
your SEO campaign brings.

Average CTR curve

Our proprietary research shows average CTR curves for the top 10 positions, considering each
individual mix of SERP features and devices. So you get the real picture!

Fine-tune your business case.

Choose how to configure the key parameters impacting your SEO forecast — from performance over time to CTR values. Create multiple scenarios and set realistic expectations.

Deep Dive into every projection

Analyze every keyword included in your forecasting and optimize your scenarios. Transparent and straightforward at each stage.

One click to your custom SEO proposal.

Craft your winning proposal with our Proposal Builder — a Google slides add-on that leverages the forecast data you require. In minutes.

Track your progress

Set a realistic SEO objective and track your performance against it — in our platform. For the sake of accountability.