SEO Research

The "Keyword Planner" for SEOs

Multiple sources & techniques

Find the relevant keywords from domains, gap analysis, topical authority & more.

Real-time data

Enrich any keyword list with complete, fresh data. And optimized speed.


Quickly spot best keyword opportunities. Know your next step.

Keyword research

  • Automatic Keyword Suggestion

    Let SEOmonitor automatically detect relevant keywords for you to analyze. Choose the ones you need for your next campaign and start the evaluation.

  • Fresh, on-demand data. Always.

    Research or refresh your data anytime. With improved crawling power and Research Units to answer your research needs, you get fresh keywords on the dot.

  • Heavy-duty. Bring over +100K keywords!

    Research for thousands of hundreds of keywords with a fast interface — it’s easier and leaner than ever before!

Domain Explorer

  • Overview

    Get an overview for each domain. From total keywords with their search volumes and seasonality data, to Visibility, backlinks and competitors’ gap analysis.

  • Keyword List

    Analyze each keyword next to your competition. Decide which to track. Export them all for your convenience.

  • Keyword Gap Analysis

    Discover your overlapping and non-overlapping keywords and decide what to include in your SEO strategy.

Search trends in markets, niches and industries

Discover exploding or tanking keywords, niches and industries based on year-over-year search volumes. Understand the client’s trends and spot the ones to track.

Topics — Semantic Keyword Research

Don’t miss any important keyword in a specific topic, beyond simple variations. Carefully curated so you get all the keyword topical data to analyze.

The Organic Traffic Module

Get a closer look at the keywords sourced from your GSC & their GA data. Understand their quantity (Search data), quality (SERP data), and potential — choose what’s next to track!

Learn more about the Organic Traffic Module

Personalized Opportunity & Difficulty Scoring

Which ones could bring more value to your SEO campaign? Evaluate each keyword in your list based on its opportunity score — a 1 to 10 scale taking into account all keyword attributes.

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