We’ve launched the new Rank Tracker.  Faster, data-rich, designed just for SEO agencies. 

We’ve completely redesigned our rank tracker, to best help you in your agency’s jobs-to-be-done. In spite of its sophistication, we’ve managed to simplify the interface and improve its speed. 

“We believe that if you can’t see it and understand it, you should not trust it. That’s why we doubled down on the transparency of our data and metrics. So users can see what’s under the hood and decide for themselves.” says Cosmin Negrescu, SEOmonitor’s founder and CEO. 

“But with this complete redesign, we wanted to create the best customer experience our rank tracker could provide: making it a lot faster, more intuitive, and easy to work with through a new, simplified interface. 

On top of that, we’ve released long-awaited features our users requested over time. We also improved on every aspect that our customers loved about our rank tracker: 

  • data-rich & error-proof,
  • daily granularity on both devices as standard, now with better SLA,
  • proactive in responding to an agency’s rank tracking needs”, he adds.

Let’s dive straight into it:

Introducing 4 views, one for each job-to-be-done

Our rank tracker got very sophisticated over the years, with lots of metrics and features. When we redesigned this module, we strived for simplicity, so we created 4 simpler views, rather than a single, complex one. 


The Strategy View

This is where you’ll spend most of your time in the rank tracker. Here are your keywords and groups with all their attributes and your visibility performance, both updated daily.

In this view, you should be able to quickly understand what’s going on with your campaign and what are the next best opportunities to focus on – easy to spot through the Opportunity metric.

* We’ve excluded the traffic & competition data and the keyword management features from this view.

The Analysis View

This view is similar to the Strategy one, but here your keywords and groups are enriched with organic traffic data. Traffic is a “lag metric” in SEO, and is analyzed less frequently, usually for reporting purposes.

* The Opportunity & Difficulty metrics are excluded from this view, as the focus here is helping you get a complete understanding of SEO performance in the selected timeframe.

The Competition View

This is where you can compare the visibility performance of your keywords and groups against any competitors. You choose who to explore: we track all of them, daily, from day 1.

The Edit Mode

This is where you’ll add, delete and organize your keywords and groups. No charts, performance metrics or timeframes here. Just a clear and fast way to do the keyword management job.


Having this separate view also enabled us to simplify all the other views for checkboxes and buttons that you rarely use once the initial keyword research & grouping is done.


Enriched powerful features:

Keyword lists and attributes

You can set them up and know what changed with search data, SERP data, and ranking data. 

You’ll connect all the necessary dots: monthly searches, SERP features, and ranking performance. Plus, our solution to the pixel-based rank tracking (faulty) trend — we’re now computing the % of clicks on organic results from the total search volume, influenced by the SERP features mix on both devices:

The optimized Opportunity Score

Spot low-hanging fruits and next steps for your campaign with a metric that takes every keyword attribute into account. It’s dynamic and lets you quickly identify the best keyword to optimize at any given time:

The Visibility explainer

Our unique Visibility metric got a thorough explainer to accompany your performance analysis. Get a breakdown of trends and what keywords impacted shifts on desktop and mobile:

Smart groups and filters, even filters within groups

Organize everything to make sense of your campaign and we’ll sort it for you by ranking data, keyword attributes, automatic labels, traffic data, etc.:


One more thing: Go deeper.

There are many levels of details and analysis at which you can explore your data. Don’t settle with just the high-level view of your data. Go to our platform and click on everything, you’ll be amazed by what you’ll find!

21 Apr 2021