helps digital agencies and marketers thrive in an environment of extreme uncertainty

by providing the best indicators for measuring SEO performance that lead to accurate analyses, realistic forecasts and clear reports.

SEOMonitor helps companies accurately measure their SEO performance.

  • Kelvin Newman

    Founder of BrightonSEO & Marketing Director at SiteVisibility

    How can you plan any SEO strategy if you don't know the scale of the opportunity? What I love about SEOmonitor is how it so easily it allows me to get a sense of potential impact of a successful search campaign.

  • Ann Stanley

    CEO, Anicca Digital

    SEOmonitor has literally transformed the way I pitch for new SEO clients. I can have sensible conversations with the client about what can be achieved thanks to the forecasting feature.

  • Andra Barchi

    Digital Manager, CL, Philips

    SEOmonitor was easily adopted by our main offices in CEE. Very clean as design and very detailed as key metrics, this tool made it easy to explain SEO KPIs and developments to top management.

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